How to make the most out of Alight Motion

Have you ever used a video editing application before? If you haven’t tried any editing just yet, it might be a bit difficult to cope with the platform. Some people might have made edits on their PC but never on a mobile phone. No matter what’s the case, learning how to use Alight Motion properly is necessary. If you haven’t used this platform before, we will address how you can make the most out of it.

How to make the most out of Alight Motion

Let’s take a look at a few crucial points here: 

Using Graphics Nicely 

If you want to make the best edits that are possible for you, it becomes a must to start nicely using graphics. When you want to bring a major difference in your edit from the original picture, the use of animations and graphics will become mandatory. There’s a variety of options, from colour corrections to border animations and redaction tools that you just will use on your videos. You just need to tap on the option and go through all the varieties that are available here. The animations can bring great quality to your edits and set the pictures straight as per your motives. 

Exporting Videos In Several Formats 

Another important thing to know about Alight Motion is that you can export videos in several formats here. When you use a normal platform to make such edits, you will find it hard to get the required number of options to save your edits. But on this particular platform, you will be able to export videos in several formats like regular videos, GIF images, Image sequences, Project Packages and PNG pictures. As you can see, there are plenty of choices to save your edits nicely. 

Editing Vector Graphics 

Yes, you can edit vector graphics successfully when you use Alight Motion for the cause. Vector graphics are computer images created using a sequence of commands or mathematical statements. It can place lines and shapes in a two-dimensional or three-dimensional space. Since it’s easy to load, duplicate and edit, you will find it very comfortable to create. With the help of Alight Motion Pro, you can edit vector graphics beautifully. 

Save Your Favourite Parts 

When you’re going to use Alight Motion regularly, it will become a must to save your favourite parts. It can help you in many ways when you will make edits in the times to come. When you start using the platform, you can get to know about all the features available here. Once you know how it functions, you don’t need to waste your time researching different features. You can instead save your favourite parts and make your edits in less time shortly. 

Custom Font 

Another good aspect of Alight Motion Pro is that you have custom font support here. So you can bring fonts to your edits completely as per your wants. This is a very useful feature when you compare this platform with others. There are several video editing platforms but the number of fonts available in them is limited. You will only see a few platforms that can provide you with the feature of custom font support. The good thing is that Alight Motion provides this support to you, allowing you to design fonts as per your wants. 

To use Alight Motion Pro nicely, you need to understand the various features available on it. Once you know about the features, you will be in a better position to use them properly. The platform has plenty of scopes to offer, all it takes from your side is to understand all its features and make the most out of them! 

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