Alight Motion Download for Windows PC & macOS (Official)

Download Alight Motion Latest Version for Windows PC and macOS by following the simple guide below!

Alight Motion is a very popular application on Android devices. It can be used to edit videos on your smartphone. With a great graphic-user interface, it is easier to get hooked to Alight Motion. The application has plenty of scopes to offer in video editing. If you want to make video edits of top-notch quality, this platform is going to work wonders for you. There are layers and layers of features available on this application. You can take a few minutes out of your life and have plenty of fun while using Alight Motion. 

Alight Motion Download for Windows PC & macOS

Download Alight Motion

Name Alight Motion
Supported Platforms Android, Windows PC, & Mac
Last Updated February 2023
Version v4.4.8
Category Design Tool
Installs 673,000+ (monthly)


Now that you have downloaded Alight Motion Mod or the normal version of Alight Motion, all it takes is to open this application and start using it. 

  • If you have downloaded the application from Play Store, you can open the application straight away. In case you have chosen the third-party store to download Alight Motion or Alight Motion Mod, you will have to install it first. Agree to all the terms and conditions. 
  • There are high chances that the modded version doesn’t work out when you use it on your PC. So it’s better to redownload the APK all over again and see if it works out or not. 
  • Once installed successfully, you can start using it with the help of BlueStacks. 

Every time you want to use Alight Motion on your PC, you have to open it through BlueStacks. If you have downloaded some other Android emulator, it will work fine too. But BlueStacks should be your topmost priority considering its awesome features. 


The organization of your edits is pretty smooth here. No matter if you want to add audio, video, or images to the mix, it will be organized quite comfortably. The normal version of this platform has a limited number of features to offer to you. But if we talk about its pro version, Alight Motion is effective in many ways. We will talk about the features available on Alight Motion Pro here: 

  1. When you use the normal version of Alight Motion, the watermark is going to appear with each of your edits. It is not a good situation, especially when you want to make edits for professional reasons. But when you use Alight Motion Pro, you don’t have to suffer from the same issue as there’s no watermark issue while using this platform. So you can make a neat and professional edit and there would be no worry regarding the logo of Alight Motion. 
  2. If you’re irritated with regular advertisements dropping on your screen in Alight Motion, the pro version is going to work a lot better. You generally don’t like it when your edit is rudely interrupted by an advertisement, and rightly so too. You would desire for ads to never show up while you’re editing a video. With the help of Alight Motion Pro, you make sure that there are no advertisements at all while you run this platform. 
  3. It all supports all presets. The preset option makes it easier to edit videos that are quality. When you go about things manually, it takes a lot of time to get the edit right. If you want to focus on various aspects of the edits, it can take longer to make the right edit. Thankfully, Alight Motion Pro helps you to save time. With the help of a preset, you can quickly achieve your desired results. 
  4. All the effects will be unlocked too. When you use the normal version of Alight Motion, there are only a limited number of effects available on the application. If you want to stress more effects and expand the options further, the pro version will be more effective. The most amazing effects on Alight Motion belong to the pro version. Once you unlock it, the scope to make amazing video edits will increase further. 
  5. All the premium features are activated and there’s no lag while using Alight Motion. This is not the case with the normal version which can lag badly as you go on and on with your edit work. The pro version is made to provide you with a smoother experience while editing on Alight Motion. 

ownload Alight Motion For Windows & Mac

How to install Alight Motion on your Windows And Mac Devices

  • First of all, you would be required to download and install BlueStacks to your PC. It is an Android emulator that works wonders if you want to use Android applications on your PC. 
  • Just make sure that you download the latest version of BlueStacks on your device. We have provided you with the links here but you can also make the downloads from the official website of BlueStacks.

  • It is completely free to download and install this platform. 
  • Once BlueStacks is ready to use, you can open it and then search for Google Play Store on it. 
  • Now you need to open the Play Store and search for Alight Motion instantly. 

Google Play Store will offer you the latest version of Alight Motion to download to your system. The only problem with downloading the normal version of Alight Motion is that you will have to buy the Pro version of the application to use its maximum benefits. If you don’t want to spend money to make edits, it is better to go for the modded version of Alight Motion. 

  • You have to use a safe browser on your PC to open the URL we have provided to you. 
  • Once the page has been loaded, you need to click on the Download option and the countdown will start for the download to begin. 
  • It is only going to take a few moments before you can start using the application. Wait for the download to be completed and then you can use the Android emulator to start using this application. 

As you can see, the download process of Alight Motion Mod is not difficult at all. It is better to use this platform if you’re not ready to spend on the pro version of this platform. 


“Alight Motion has to be one of the best video editing apps online. I used it on my Android phone before but I wanted an application to edit videos on my desktop too. Since I had BlueStacks installed on my PC already, I just had to download and install Alight Motion APK to it. The whole process worked smoothly and once I started using this platform, there was no turning back for me. It is just amazing to have so many dynamics come into play while editing videos. With plenty of effects and scope to edit, Alight Motion is a very quality video editing app.” 

“If you want to take my recommendation, you should start using Alight Motion if you want to edit quality videos. No matter if you want to use it on your PC or mobile phone, the application is going to work fine in both cases. As time passes by, there are new things to learn on this platform. I love the text fonts available on this application. With the pro version, you can get hundreds of quality fonts to work with. The color adjustment and blending modes are some of my favorite features of this application. It is a must-have if you like editing videos.” 

“Having used various video editing apps in the past, Alight Motion stands out for me in its way. There are so many layers to go through while using this platform. No matter if you want to import images, short videos, or audio, it is all possible with the help of this platform. With thousands of stunning effects available, the edits can be completed almost seamlessly. One of my favorite things to do here is to create MP4 videos and GIFs. I have been using Alight Motion for months and it never ceases to amuse me!” 


Q1: Why should one start using Alight Motion? 

If someone wants to make video edits professionally, there are very few applications that can compete with Alight Motion. If you can get access to the pro version of Alight Motion, the opportunities are only going to add up over some time. 

Q2: Is it safe to use Alight Motion? 

Yes, it is extremely safe to use Alight Motion when you use the right methods to download, install and use it. When you want to use it on your PC, you should download either BlueStacks or Nox Player on it. These are the safest platforms to use any Android app on your PC. As far as the download on Alight Motion is concerned, you should open the Google Play Store on BlueStacks to make the download. 

Q3: How much time does it take to download Alight Motion? 

If you have a healthy internet connection, it will take a few minutes. The size of the application is less than 100 MB so you can download it quickly. 

Conclusion: Download Alight Motion For Windows & Mac (Latest Version)

So if you want to use a quality video editing app on your PC, Alight Motion is going to be an ideal choice for you. It is safe to use and it has loads of features to make video edits professionally!